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Lands and lots for sale in PEI

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For sale $199,000
Lot Cape Bear Road, white sands, Prince Edward Island

Lot Cape Bear Road

White Sands, Prince Edward Island

For sale $109,900
0 Thompson and Palmer Road, st. louis, Prince Edward Island

0 Thompson And Palmer Road

St. Louis, Prince Edward Island

For sale $429,000
Lot 5 North York Point Road, warren grove, Prince Edward Island

Lot 5 North York Point Road

Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island

For sale $240,000
Northside Road|Rte 16, monticello, Prince Edward Island

Northside Road, Rte 16

Monticello, Prince Edward Island

For sale $45,000
Rte 11, st. chrysostome, Prince Edward Island

Rte 11

St. Chrysostome, Prince Edward Island

For sale $148,000
214 Hebrides Lane|Stanley Bridge, new london, Prince Edward Island

214 Hebrides Lane, Stanley Bridge

New London, Prince Edward Island

For sale $44,700
Lot 01 Linda's Lane, kildare capes, Prince Edward Island

Lot 01 Linda's Lane

Kildare Capes, Prince Edward Island

For sale $44,700
17486 RTE 12, kildare capes, Prince Edward Island

17486 Rte 12

Kildare Capes, Prince Edward Island

For sale $210,000
0 RTE 19 Rice Point Road, canoe cove, Prince Edward Island

0 Rte 19 Rice Point Road

Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island

For sale $69,900
Lot 5 Julia's Road, midgell, Prince Edward Island

Lot 5 Julia's Road

Midgell, Prince Edward Island

For sale $184,000
Lot 19 Harbour Reflections Drive, north rustico, Prince Edward Island

Lot 19 Harbour Reflections Drive

North Rustico, Prince Edward Island

For sale $59,900
9 Woodhawk Lane, donaldston, Prince Edward Island

9 Woodhawk Lane

Donaldston, Prince Edward Island

Vacant Land and Lots for Sale in PEI: A Comprehensive Guide

PEI Lands & Lots for Sale

Nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, coastal beauty, and fertile soils. For those looking into the real estate market, especially in the category “Lands and Lots for Sale in PEI”, there’s an array of options available. However, understanding the types of land and lots for sale in PEI and the regulations surrounding their purchase is essential.

PEI vacant land and lots for sale are divided into several categories. These include:

Bare Acreage

This refers to the vast stretches of land which can be treed, partially treed, or completely cleared. Typically found in outlying regions, these don’t have any services.

Waterfront Lands or Lots

Encompassing a wide spectrum, these can range from large tracts without any services to developed plots in subdivisions like Granville on the Water or Sunset Dunes.

City Subdivisions

Think of places like Starlite Estates, where lots are fully serviced, with paved roads, curbs, and sometimes even sidewalks.

Standalone Lots

These are scattered in or around urban regions. Their closeness to cities makes them less expensive to service than bare acreage. These can be small acreages with or without services.

Cottage Lot Subdivisions

Primarily rural, these lots are designed for up to three seasons of habitation. They don’t usually have paved roads, and the winter season sees them not cleared.

Beyond these categories, it’s also important to determine the land’s purpose – residential, recreational, or agricultural?

Regulations with PEI Land Ownership

PEI has a distinct set of rules under the Island Regulatory & Appeals Commission (IRAC) dictating how much land or shorefront an entity can own.

In the infancy of PEI’s history, the province was divided into sixty-seven 20,000-acre lots. Interestingly, these Lands and lots were given to a select group of absentee proprietors before any real settlement occurred. Over the centuries, the land gradually returned to local hands as it was bought from these non-local landlords.

Fast forward to the 1960s, when the spectre of absentee ownership of PEI lands and lots once again loomed large. Non-residents, sensing the potential of PEI real estate, started investing heavily, leading to significant portions of coastal areas slipping out of local control. This was addressed in 1972 with amendments to the Real Property Act, which put restrictions on Lands and lots for sale in PEI from being purchased by non-residents.

However, it was an application in 1981 by a non-resident corporation to buy 6,000 acres that truly shook the public conscience. There were fears of one entity dominating PEI’s agricultural industry. The result? The introduction of the Lands Protection Act in 1982.

Key Points to Consider for Prospective Buyers of lands and lots for sale in PEI

Application Requirement

Non-resident entities must apply if they:

Approval Conditions

Government might sanction the land purchase with stipulations such as limited subdivision rights, land identification for non-development, and mandated residential status within a timeframe.

Denial Reasons

Applications can be turned down for various reasons, including non-resident control over a large acreage, surpassing the Act’s limits, speculation motives, and more.

Land Holding Limits

An individual can own up to 1,000 acres, while corporations have a cap of 3,000 acres. cabinet must approve non-resident purchases of two hectares (five acres) or more, and land with more than 165 feet of shore frontage.

Application Time

On average, the application processing takes 3-4 weeks, but complex cases might take longer.

Application Essentials

Applicants wishing to purchase lands and lots for sale in PEI must provide a detailed form, relevant maps, legal descriptions, advertising details if applicable, a submission relating to the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act, and a relevant fee.

Moreover, recent federal laws restrict land purchases in Canada by foreign entities. It’s advisable to consult with your Century21 Realtor for further details.

The allure of  purchasing vacant land and lots in PEI is undeniable. However, prospective buyers must be well-versed with the nuances of PEI’s real estate landscape to make informed decisions. Whether it’s a serene waterfront lot or a standalone plot near the city, PEI promises a piece of land that’s perfect for every dream.

PEI has always placed controls on how much land any one person or corporation can own. Find out the “nitty-gritty” from Michael Poczynek

Canada has passed a law prohibiting non-resident buyers from purchasing homes for at least the next 2 years.

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