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As the Real Estate Market gets Hotter, Sellers ask …. Why Century21?

Many have noticed that the real estate market has really become much more competitive and as a result the prices of homes has gone up exponentially. For the first-time buyer, trying to get onto the property ladder, this is not an easy time – however for sellers, they could not really be having it better than now. Surprisingly enough there have even been bidding wars to get properties where multiple buyers bid higher than the asking price for the home. We tend to think of bidding wars as being a big-city trait – think Toronto not Charlottetown.

So with properties potentially selling in a few days if well priced, or in the more affordable range, what “special sauce” do we bring to the table that makes us at Century21 the best choice for sellers wishing to list their homes and properties?

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a Realtor today is experience. Only the most experienced and knowledgeable Realtors can really say what your home is worth. It takes years of working in a particular area to get a background in pricing that ensures that you get the maximum that your home can bring, in the minimum (or at least reasonable) amount of time. If you price too high, and yes even in this market that is possible, you will wait too long to sell. Remember that if you are selling your home you most likely have a plan to move on with your life and the longer it takes to accomplish the sale the longer your life is placed on hold. So you want to minimize the sale time while still maximizing the final sale price.

That is where we at Century21 come into play. We have the experience and have access to up-to-date, current sales statistics to help us get your home priced right in that sweet spot. You can then carry on with your plans in a timely way with a pocketful of cash.

Even if you have no plans to sell right now, it is still good business to know what your home would be worth on the market today. After all your home is your largest asset and an integral part of working out your financial worth and future financial plans. So give us a call or email and we would be happy to provide you with a free evaluation. Remember it is your future and your money!


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