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Selling on PEI


How can I upgrade, selling my current home and purchase a newer, bigger, better home?

This is a common real estate question today. Obviously if you are selling in order to go to another part of Canada then you will get the advantage of our hot real estate market and depending on what part of Canada you intend to go to you will have to deal with the real estate market and prices there. By the way, belonging to as large a real estate network as Century21, we are in a great position to help you find your new home using our extensive Century21 network of professional agents across Canada and even the world, as well as sell your current PEI home.

However we digress, back to those who want only to sell here and also buy here, because who would want to leave Prince Edward Island?

At one time the methodology was simply put your home up for sale and start looking around at other homes you might be interested in purchasing; but in a casual way because your property would take a considerable amount of time to sell, approximately 90 days in the city and 6 months or more in the country. We have seen properties on the market for years. However in those cases either the property was particularly unusual or it was priced “optimistically”. Now city homes can sell in a few days. It is still longer in the country but depending on the type of property, location and pricing, country properties still are selling very much faster than previously.

So rather than selling your home first and then scurrying around trying to find a new home that meets all your requirements, is located advantageously and is within your budget, it is better to engage the services of a Realtor and visit homes for sale prior to listing your own. In this way you can be sure that you will be able to replace your current residence with another that meets all your needs.

The key here is that while the homes that you are considering buying will likely sell fast and you will have to move quickly on any that interest you – you can move quickly on your dream home because you can be sure that your current home will sell quickly as well.

Many people are sitting on their own dreams currently because the volatile market leaves them scared to make a move. Courage Camille it can be done! Consult a Realtor today for help and guidance. Remember we are the real estate professionals and it is our mission to help you make your home-ownership dreams a reality.


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